Third Place® - Community Tech Hubs

We are imagining a world where all underserved and rural communities have a ‘community tech hub’, that is powered by high speed broadband, digital and smart technologies, where high school, college students trained by the local/regional ecosystem of educational institutions and experts, provide tech support and training to multigenerational residents, small businesses and budding entrepreneurs for their unique needs. This would also help build the skills and experience for the student helpers.These 24/7 ‘hubs’ would be both virtual and physical. Physically these ‘hubs’ would be/could be housed in existing buildings such as the Local High schools or City Buildings, or Churches or Community centers.

Planned Locations: 

Twin Cities/Greater MSP

George Floyd Square, Powderhorn Neighborhood, Ramsey County

Greater MN

Grand Rapids, Deer River/Leech Lake 

Smart Street Lighting Project

Smart North is planning for and implementing a pilot project for smart streetlights and mobility hubs in the City of Grand Rapids through the support of a $50,000 grant. This infrastructure will allow city departments to access and share data, enable robust 5G connectivity throughout the city and provide municipal WiFi access. In partnership with The Grand Iron Range CAV Initiative, this effort will support the test of the country’s first autonomous shuttle vehicle in a rural, all-season community.