Transforming Livability and Equity

Smart North is a not-for-profit coalition of public, private, civic, education, and entrepreneurial individuals and organizations driving “Smart City” initiatives and thought-leadership within the Twin Cities and Minnesota.

Upcoming Event

Twin Cities Startup Week: Future of our Cities


September, 2021

As the organizers of TCSW 2021’s Future of our Cities Track​​, Smart North is bringing together community leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and stakeholders from civic, public, and private sectors to reimagine, showcase, accelerate and envision a smarter, brighter, equitable future for communities, companies, citizens and cities.

We aim to leverage the Smart City technology repertoire to lead an indefatigable effort at “Building a Better Normal” within the Twin Cities and MN by being the neutral glue that brings together a coalition of public, private, civic, education, and entrepreneurial organizations and individuals.

Founding Members:

Sabina Saksena

Founder/CEO at Cytilife

Ben Wallace

Co-founder of Minify Energy

Tayo Daniel

Co-Founder of Aeterna Media

Jason Barnett

Founder and CEO of Flarean

Tom Fisher

Architecture professor & director at the University of MN

Emun Solomon

Stanford Fellow

Dalton Scott

CCO at Conscious Connections

Diane Rucker

Board of Directors at Towerside, Executive director at UEL

 Jack FitzGerrell

Chief Creative Officer at Aeterna Media

Tracy Nordstrom

Expert, Designing communities & ecosystems of living labs

Will Preble

CEO at Aeterna Media