Community Tech Hubs

Why Community Tech Hubs:

Since 2020, two grasroots groups of diverse stakeholders – One in Deer River and another in South Minneapolis – Have been discussing the systemic issues in their respective communities and brainstorming solutions. Working in partnership with Smart North, both groups have resolved to open Community Tech Hubs as a way to change the story for their youth as well as their communities as a whole. Community Tech Hubs are intended to leverage digital and tech literacy to help youth discover new pathways to higher education, 21st century careers, better paying jobs, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation. They will serve as joyous, welcoming, safe, and inclusive environments where youth can find support and inspiration.

There are four key aspects of the Community Tech Hub.

Tech Hub


21st Century Digital Tech Skills

On-site programs on Tech Literacy, Arts, and Creativity 

Teaching Youth Technical Skills in Programming, Web3, and Website Design 

Using Tech to Promote Creativity and Imagine a Better Community



Mental Health (Counseling, Safe Place, Social & Emotional Skills, Workplace Soft Skills & Tools) 

Food Pantry (For On-Site Consumption) 

Apparel Bin (On-Site Swap of Clean, Pre-Owned Clothes)

Opportunity Hub


Career Pathways Development

Mentoring and Networking 

Assistance with College, Apprenticeships, Internships, Jobs, and Entrepreneurship

Portfolio and Resume Development

Community Tech Support


Tech and Digital Literacy – Training the youth to support the multi-generational residents and small businesses in the community.

Tech Support for Small Businesses in the Community

Software & Hardware Setup & Repair

Our first two locations are at:

The neighborhood around George Floyd Square is home to many BIPOC-identifying peoples, yet who also have an average household income which is $20,000 less than the income of the county at large. The Community Tech Hub at Sabathani aims to diminish inequity by providing youths with opportunities to learn about and gain a passion for technology.

Community Tech Hub in South Minneapolis

Circle of Care Partners

Community Tech Hub in Deer River/Leech Lake

Deer River is home to many families and individuals who struggle with long-standing inequities which are geographic, racial, and economic in nature. The Community Tech Center in Deer River will provide the necessary resources for the youth of Deer River to change their story, teaching tech and employability skills, as well as providing basic necessities for life, enabling youths to overcome individual difficulties that they may face at home.

Circle of Care Partners